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The AR15 is perhaps the single most popular firearms platform in the US today thanks to its modularity and seemingly infinite applications. Keeping it well fed and ready to go has never been simpler or easier than with Ammunition Depot’s selection of AR15 magazines and magazine carriers. Whether looking for the latest in reinforced poly mags to the tried and tested aluminum, you can find them here, and loading them up is but a click away.


Where Can You Buy AR-15 Magazines?

Most gun stores stock AR-15 magazines since it's one of the most popular platforms for modern sport shooting. Many online retailers also offer magazines from several different manufacturers. Some jurisdictions ban online sales or home shipments of gun accessories. Be sure you know your state and local laws before you order magazines for your AR-15 online.

Which Are the Best AR-15 Magazines?

Multiple manufacturers make AR-15 magazines for the civilian market. The measure of a good AR-15 magazine is how durable it is, how smoothly it feeds rounds and its price. In the United States, the most popular AR-15 magazines are the Magpul PMAG M3, Lancer Systems AWM and the older-style USGI magazines, which are made entirely from metal.

How Should You Store AR-15 Magazines?

Most AR-15 magazines are rugged enough to be stored for short periods under almost any reasonable conditions. If you're going to store your magazines for longer than a few weeks, it's a good idea to keep them unloaded to save spring compression. For storage longer than a few months, you can stack PMAGs in a sealed can without further preparation. All-metal magazines can corrode with time, but putting on a thin layer of oil before storage can prevent rust for decades. Try to avoid extraordinarily high or low temperatures and humidity.

How Many AR-15 Magazines Should You Have?

There is no objectively correct number of AR-15 magazines to own that works for every shooter. Most AR-15s come with one or two magazines to start, but many shooters choose to add more to their kit later on. As a rule, carrying too few magazines usually forces you to spend more time at the range reloading. Carrying too many, on the other hand, can be unwieldy and difficult to keep track of.

How Much Do AR-15 Magazines Cost?

The basic 30-round AR-15 magazine is very common, and the most affordable polymer magazines can be found for under $10. Magazines in the $20 to $30 range are common. Some specialty variants, such as those with internal roll bars and exceptionally high capacity, tend to cost more. Some 100-round AR-15 magazines cost more than $200.

What Rifle Takes AR-15 Magazines?

Since the majority of AR-15s use the NATO Standardization Agreement (STANAG) magazine which is designed to be interchangeable with multiple shooting platforms, several modern rifles are able to accommodate them. Almost all AR-15/M-16 platforms run STANAG magazines with no issue. Non-AR rifles that use the STANAG include several Beretta, Daewoo, FN and Kel-Tec semiautomatic rifles. In addition to these, several manually operated rifles, such as the bolt-action Mossberg MVP Predator, also work with the standard AR-15 magazine.

Are All AR-15 Magazines Compatible?

As a general rule, most AR-style rifles accept STANAG magazines from reputable manufacturers. Some Bushmaster rifles are known to have trouble operating with some older Orlite magazines, but both companies have addressed this issue and yours should run without issue. Be cautious of discount magazines made by unfamiliar companies, as these are not always made to the same standard as brand name AR-15 magazines and may not feed properly in every rifle.

Are .223 and 5.56 Magazines the Same?

The major difference between .223 and 5.56 rifles is in the freebore spacing of the chamber. Because the two cartridges have nearly the same dimensions, almost all AR-15 magazines for this caliber can feed both cartridges without noticeable issues.

Can an AR-15 Shoot Both .223 and 5.56?

While all 5.56 NATO rifles can run .223, it may be unsafe to shoot the 5.56 in a rifle chambered just for .223 because of the higher pressures. Always check the head stamping on your ammunition to know what you're shooting.
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