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This set includes 300 rounds of Speer Lawman 9mm 147 Grain TMJ, divided into six boxes and safely stored in a robust M19A1 ammo can. Speer Lawman ammunition is designed as the ideal training companion for shooters looking to master the recoil and performance characteristics similar to Speer Gold Dot defensive rounds, one of the most trusted choices for law enforcement and personal defense. The Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) bullets utilized in Lawman rounds are particularly suited for consistent performance on both paper targets and steel, offering excellent marking visibility and satisfying target feedback. A significant advantage of the TMJ design over traditional Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) bullets is its ability to minimize lead exposure. This is achieved by sealing the base of the bullet, which prevents the vaporization of lead from the bullet's base upon firing. The clean-shooting nature of these rounds is further enhanced by the use of Cleanfire CCI primers, which are free from lead, barium, and antimony, making them a healthier choice for indoor and outdoor shooting environments. Coupled with consistently clean-burning propellants, shooters can expect a smoother and cleaner firing experience. Each round is encased in a newly made, reloadable brass casing, extending the value and utility of the ammunition.

  • Speer Lawman 9mm 147 Grain TMJ 300 Rounds in M19A1 Ammo Can
  • 300 Rounds Included
  • Heavy Duty M19A1 Ammo Can Included

Protected within the military-grade M19A1 ammo can, these rounds are safeguarded from environmental elements, ensuring long-term storage stability. The can itself is constructed from durable cold-rolled steel with a rustproof powder-coated finish and features a waterproof seal with a tight-fitting lid. This setup not only keeps the ammunition secure and dry but also provides ample space for all 300 rounds. The design of the can facilitates easy stacking and convenient transport, making it an excellent choice for shooters who appreciate the combination of high-quality ammunition with reliable and secure storage. Overall, this package of 300 rounds of Speer Lawman 9mm in an M19A1 can offers a comprehensive solution for serious shooters who value precision, safety, and cleanliness in their training ammunition, all while providing a durable and practical storage option. Order yours online today!

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More Information

More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer SKU 53620CAN-300
UPC 53620CAN-300
Condition New
Manufacturer Speer
Brand Lawman
Caliber 9mm
Projectile TMJ
Grain 147 Grain
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 985 fps
Muzzle Energy 317 ft lbs
Suggested Use Practice

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