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Speer has created a Gold Dot cartridge specifically for small and concealable pistols that will help get the projectile moving at full speed, even from the shorter barrels in these weapons. Historically, using the most concealable pistol meant that the bullet would likely not reach terminal velocity before leaving the barrel. This issue meant that propellant was being wasted and bullets were not achieving the performance they would from longer barrels. Now with these special Gold Dot rounds, you can be more confident with your concealable pistol, as Speer designs these rounds to achieve full-speed in only 1.9 inches of barrel. As with any Gold Dot product, the patented hollow point is crucial:

  • The core is pre-fluted to help define the area of the fully expanded projectile and hold the full weight together. 
  • Hollow-Points are then finished, which gives the rounds the classic concave front-end that we all know so well

The Gold Dot is finished with brand-new nickel-plated brass casings for exceptional feeding and extraction 


More Information
Condition New
Manufacturer Speer
Brand Gold Dot
Caliber 9mm
Projectile HP
Grain 124
Suggested Use Self Defense
Caliber 9mm
Specials Vista Outdoor Brands

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