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Kriss USA Owner's Manuals and Gun Schematics

Select, view, and download your favorite Kriss USA owner's manual, gun schematics, and parts diagrams, including data sheets for Kriss USA Pistols and Kriss Vector Rifles!

Kriss USA Owner's Manuals

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About Kriss USA Firearms

Kriss USA, formerly known as Transformational Defense Industries, is an American firearms manufacturer renowned for its innovative designs and engineering solutions.

Since its inception, Kriss USA has been dedicated to developing effective solutions to meet the growing demands of 21st-century law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters.

Known for their reliability, durability, and unique recoil management system, Kriss gun models have gained global recognition and respect in the firearms industry for their commitment to quality, engineering excellence, and forward-thinking designs.

KRISS USA emphasizes the importance of adhering to the guidelines outlined in each model's manufacturer owner's manual. Compliance with the owner's manual safeguards the firearm against potential damage and protects the user from avoidable risks.

Today, the Kriss USA brand represents the tip of the spear when advancing firearms technology and continues to push boundaries and develop cutting-edge solutions to enhance shooting performance and redefine industry standards.