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American Tactical Imports, or ATI, brings an advanced German high-capacity Schmeisser GmbH magazine to us here in the US.

This 60 round AR-15 magazine uses a very durable and lightweight glass-reinforced polymer body, and a unique double-spring system internally, to provide shooters with 60 rounds of uninterrupted fire.

Tested for reliable feeding from full-auto and suppressed weapons, this magazine can feed rounds consistently as fast as you can squeeze the trigger.

Disassembly is not difficult and allows the user to clean and maintain their magazine easily, but be aware that the spring tension is significant. 

Intended for use with 223 or 5.56 only, as some 300 Blackout cartridges may not feed as reliably due to the critical difference in the cartridges measurements.
Schmeisser and ATI do not recommend using 300 Blackout cartridges in this product. 

More Information

More Information
Manufacturer SKU ATIM556S60
UPC 4251366500666
Condition New
Manufacturer ATI
Model S60
Caliber 223/5.56
Model Fit AR-15, FN SCAR MK 16/16S, SA-80, HK416, M27
Capacity 60
Caliber .223/5.56
Magazine Capacity 60

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