Subsonic Handgun Ammo


What is Subsonic Ammo?

Simply put, subsonic ammunition is any cartridge that is projected at a velocity below the speed of sound (approximately 1100 fps depending on atmospheric conditions and elevation). For standard cartridges, their speeds will reach above the sound barrier after being fired and the bullet itself will create a sonic boom. A bullet traveling below the speed of sound will not create a distinct sonic boom.

What are the Benefits of Subsonic Ammo

The primary benefit of subsonic ammo is the lack of noise produced after being fired (compared to non subsonic rounds). For firearm owners looking for stealth and discretion, subsonic rounds can make for a reliable alternative, potentially leading to an improved hunting experience and even in self-defense situations.

Popular Subsonic Ammo Calibers

Subsonic ammunition comes in a wide vareity of calibers. Some of the most popular calibers include subsonic 22 long rifle, 9mm subsonic ammo, 300 Blackout subsonic ammo, and subsonic 7.62x39 ammo.