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If you're looking for a reliable training and practice round you're in the right place! The Sellier & Bellot 9mm ammo is one of the best for this application. This particular round is made with a 124 grain FMJ projectile. Two of the most popular projectile weights for 9mm ammo are 115 grain and 124 grain. It seems to be a personal preference with the shooter on what grain weight they decide to shoot. One piece of advice that we can give is that if you carry a firearm for self defense, try your best to keep the grain weight of your practice and training ammo consistent with your self defense ammo. This is important so that the weight of your firearm and the recoil that you feel will be the same during practice as it will be in that moment that you have use your firearm to defend yourself. This ammo can be purchased in a 50 round box, or if you're looking for bulk 9mm ammo we sell it by the case as well. Sellier & Bellot has been making quality ammunition for over 190 years. They continue to bring you the consumer safe and reliable ammunition. Thank you for choosing Ammunition Depot.


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Caliber 9mm
Caliber 9mm
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