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Katana Flashlight and Disguised Stungun w/ Glass Breaking Strike Face

A 400 Lumen rechargable flashlight, a concealed stungun, and a glassbreaking strike face, all in one. This defensive utility is made of a rugged lightweight aluminum alloy, is impact resistant, and comes with a holster. The high quality CREE bulb will last 100,000 hours, and can reach out 100 yards. Three different power settings are available, 100 lumens, 400 lumens, and a 400 lumen strobe setting

Stun guns are only to be used in cases of lawful self-defense or in defense of others. Please be sure to obey all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. These products are designed to safely disable a person temporarily without inflicting major injuries or death. Nevertheless as a stun gun is considered to be a conducted electrical weapon, there are risks that someone may get injured or die. Due to the nature of these products physical incapacitation, physical exertion and unforeseen circumstances or individual vulnerabilities are possible effects as well.


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Manufacturer Guard Dog Security
Condition New

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