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Use the Hoppes Boresnake Viper to quickly and easily clean and protect your shotgun's bore. This Viper version improves on the original boresnake design by integrating bronze cleaning brushes onto the boresnake, which scrap away carbon fouling. Use this simple cleaning solution with cleaner and oil to maintain your firearm's integrity with a painless one or two passes through the barrel!

  • Hoppes Boresnake Viper Shotgun Bore Cleaner - 12 Gauge
  • Scrubs fouling and clears barrel of loose debris with one pass
  • Brass weight on the pull cord is stamped with the caliber
  • Washable design, be careful with integrated brushes

With the simple application of a cleaning solution first and an oil afterward to protect your bore, this boresnake can quickly protect your gun after use so its ready to go when you need it most. The brass weight at the front of the boresnake helps guide this cleaning tool easily down the barrel so you can pull the full length through, and the front of the cleaning portion is cone-shaped to help it through the chamber area. After use, this boresnake Viper can be tossed inside an old sock and machine washed to clean it and protect the brushes.

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Condition New
Manufacturer Hoppes
Model 24035V
Firearm Fit 12 Gauge

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