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Sig Sauer Juliet6 6x Magnifier with Powercam Quick-Release Mount, and Spacers

Versatile optic solutions are critical for quick transitioning from near to far targets, or visa-versa. Sig offers their Powercam-mounted Juliet series of magnifiers for this exact situation. The magnifier can be rapidly flipped into place for medium range targets, or flipped out of the way just as fast for close-range situations. Tough quick-release mounting design allows the whole system to retain zero after any amount of transitioning. 

  • Designed to be paired with reflex style optics for quick magnification.
  • Utilizes an included PowerCam 90 degree mount to flip into place, or out of the way, depending on the range of each engagement. 
  • Includes a quick-release mount with built-in recoil lugs to lock-in your zero. 
  • Features front thread-on lens protector, and rear flip-up lense protector, to seal them off from dust, debris, and the elements. 
  • Rated for full submersion up to 20 meters for up to an hour.

Sig Sauer Electro-Optics have an incredible amount of research, development, and testing behind them. There are several features that Sig designs into their products that set them apart from other optics producers, and Sig also stands behind their optics with an unlimited lifetime guarantee. All materials used in these optics are high-end, proven, lightweight, and rugged. The electronics are robust and torture tested against hard recoil, deep water submersion, and sharp impacts. The glass and lenses are all precisely formed and tuned for reduced aberrations, lower distortion, and better optical performance.


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Condition New
Magnification 6x24mm

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