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These bore mops are 100% cotton with a brass core.Mops can be used for quick cleaning and are especially excellent when using oil for bore lubrication because they create foaming action that helps in the lubrication process.

Thread Pattern: #8-32
Type: Cotton Swab
Size: 30/303/308/7.62mm/8mm/338/35
Quantity: 1
Bristle Type: Cotton
Length: 1.75"
Material: Cotton
Tip Feature: N/A
Suitable For: Firearms
Eco-friendly: Yes

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More Information
Category Gear
Manufacturer SKU MP3035
UPC 709779200139
Condition New
Manufacturer Pro-Shot
Firearm Fit 709779200139
Material Cotton
Bristle Type Cotton
Type Cotton Swab
Quantity 1
Thread Pattern #8-32

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