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If you need a tan, or "Coyote" extended 15-round magazine for your Sig P365, this is the magazine for you! The Sig Sauer P365 was designed and is intended to be a concealed carry pistol, with exceptional capacity. Sig's P365 mags are very well made, as with any Sig product, and can be relied upon to feed and function consistently. This 15 round extended magazine is equipped with a very extended grip to contain the additional rounds within the mag, which provides a much more solid grip on the weapon. The P365 ships with two 10 round magazines which are great for concealed carry, but this optional 15 round mag is a perfect carry companion for your every-day-carry P365. 


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Caliber 9mm
Condition New
Manufacturer Sig Sauer
Model Fit Sig Sauer P365
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 15
Magazine Capacity 15

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