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US Cartridge 9mm Total Polymer Jacket bullets are fully encapsulated, preventing lead exposure to the shooter while also protecting your firearm’s bore and rifling from copper fouling. Traditional FMJ leaves the base of the lead bullet exposed and leaves abrasive copper fouling behind in your gun’s barrel. Polymer-coated bullets even reduce damage to range backstops and reduce the risk of splashback while shooting steel targets. These 115-grain projectiles are manufactured in the USA for reloaders to use while training, competing, and recreational shooting. 

  • US Cartridge CleanBarrel 9mm 115 Gr Bronze TPJ Projectiles
  • Polymer Totally Encapsulates the Bullet
  • 500 Projectiles Per Box
  • Projectiles Only - For Reloading 

Use dependable US Cartridge 9mm TPJ projectiles for your range training, competitive, and recreational shooting needs. These bullets pass full ballistic laboratory examinations, and advanced laser inspections to ensure consistency and reliability. Traditional copper-jacketed FMJ bullets can be hard on your gun, and leave metal fouling behind. US Cartridge TPJ projectiles are easier on your barrel and rifling thanks to the reduced friction from the polymer coating. Order your US Cartridge 9mm TPJ Projectiles for reloading online here!

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More Information

More Information
Manufacturer US Projectile
Manufacturer SKU USP9115TPJB-PROJO-500
Jacket Material Polymer
Bullet Coating CleanBarrel TPJ
Condition New
Caliber 9mm
Projectile TPJ
Suggested Use Practice, Competition / Sport
Product Type configurable

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