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Discover the exceptional quality of 38 Special 125 Grain JHP Contract Overrun ammo, a shining example of the precision engineering that US Cartridge is celebrated for. Initially intended for exclusive use by law enforcement and public safety entities throughout North America, this overrun batch of 38 Special 125 Grain JHP ammunition offers the same high-level performance and reliability. It's perfectly suited for individuals in search of trustworthy self-defense rounds.

  • US Cartridge 38 Special 125 Grain JHP (LE Contract Overrun)
  • 200 Rounds Per Box
  • Consistent projectile expansion and weight retention
  • Precision-sized projectiles for optimal functionality
  • Tested following FBI protocols for reliability

Each cartridge is meticulously loaded with US Cartridge's own premium jacketed hollow point bullets, designed to deliver exceptional stopping power when it counts. The production of these rounds undergoes a rigorous process to ensure every bullet meets unparalleled standards of precision and reliability, vital for self-defense situations. The expansion, weight retention, and penetration capabilities of the JHP projectiles are meticulously engineered, meeting and often exceeding the demanding requirements set by professional standards, including the use of industry-standard ballistic gelatin for testing. Order your new 38 special ammo online today!

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