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Select, view, and download your favorite Taurus owner's manual and gun schematics including Taurus Pistols and Taurus Revolvers!

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About Taurus Firearms

Taurus Firearms is highly regarded in the firearms industry for their dedication to quality, performance, and innovative designs.

They first started as a small tool and die company in 1939 but produced their first revolver, the Model 38101SO, in 1941.

Over time, Taurus underwent several organizational changes before creating a subsidiary called Taurus International Manufacturing Incorporated or Taurus USA in 1988 to tap into the US market effectively.

As the firearms industry evolved, Taurus Firearms adapted and grew, and in 2019 they relocated their facilities from Miami, Florida to Bainbridge, Georgia.

They continue to produce a wide range of handguns that are reliable, functional, and incorporate the latest features to meet the needs of modern shooters.