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About Smith and Wesson Firearms

Founded in 1852 by Horace Smith and Daniel B. Wesson in Norwich, Connecticut, Smith and Wesson is an industry-leading American firearms manufacturer.

Initially specializing in the production of lever-action firearms, Smith and Wesson achieved a significant milestone by introducing their first successful revolver, the Model 1, in 1857.

The Model 1 was a compact, single-action revolver that chambered rimfire cartridges and marked the beginning of the company's reputation for innovation and quality.

Over the years, Smith & Wesson continued to innovate and expand their product line, introducing numerous revolvers, rifles, and pistols that would become synonymous with the brand.

Today S&W continues its commitment to quality and innovation by producing more reliable firearms and accessories than ever, catering to the needs of law enforcement, military, and civilian markets.