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Rossi USA Firearms Owner’s Manuals and Gun Schematics

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About Rossi USA Firearms

Established in the heart of Brazil by Amadeo Rossi in 1889, Rossi Firearms is an esteemed manufacturer steeped in a tradition that's earned a reputation for durability and craftsmanship, fusing time-honored craftsmanship with contemporary innovation.

In December 1997, BrazTech International L.C. was created as the exclusive importer of Rossi firearms in North America.

Throughout its rich history, Rossi has become synonymous with quality among hunters, sportsmen, and firearm enthusiasts.

With a diverse portfolio of revolvers, rifles, and shotguns, each firearm crafted by Rossi stands as a symbol of dependability, excellence, and affordability.

More than just manufacturing firearms, Rossi captures the essence of the deep-rooted passion and pride intrinsic to firearm ownership.

Every firearm produced under the Rossi banner is perceived not merely as an instrument but as a steadfast companion in diverse life pursuits, whether sport, self-defense, or upholding traditions.

The same family still runs today's Rossi, putting the same dedication and innovation into every firearm. At Rossi, it is more than just building guns; it is a family's history and tradition.