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Select, view, and download your favorite Precision Made Cartridge Ammunition ballistics, charts, spec sheets, and more, including PMC Bronze Ammo, PMC SFX Ammo, PMC X-Tac Ammo, and PMC X-Tac Match Ammo.

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About PMC Ammunition

Precision Made Cartridges, also known as PMC, was established with a vital goal - to promote self-reliance and fulfill the ammunition requirements of South Korea.

Since its inception, PMC has become a renowned powerhouse known for its exceptional quality, reliability, and commitment to excellence.

PMC Ammunition is proudly owned by the Poongsan Corporation, a distinguished South Korean company specializing in non-ferrous metals like copper and titanium.

The corporation created the PMC brand in 1968 to achieve self-sufficiency in ammunition production and cater to the global commercial market, in addition to South Korea's needs.

PMC makes all of its components in-house, starting from raw materials. This comprehensive approach allows PMC to exercise meticulous control over each manufacturing process step, ensuring unparalleled quality and consistency.

PMC's commitment to self-reliance is demonstrated by the fact that they operate their own brass mill, manufacturing the brass used to create the cartridge cases.

By controlling the entire production process, PMC guarantees the integrity of its products and provides customers with ammunition of the highest caliber.