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Kahr Arms Owner’s Manuals and Resources

Select, view, and download your favorite Kahr firearm resources, including owner's manuals, magazine information, and spec sheets for the Kahr CW9, Kahr CMP, K9, and many more!

Kahr Arms Owner’s Manuals

Premium Series

  • Steel Frame Models: T, K, and MK
  • Polymer Frame Models: P and PM


  • Polymer Frame Models: ST and S

Value Series

  • Polymer Frame Models: CT, CW, and CM

Kahr Firearms: Parts and Service List

Kahr Arms is committed to ensuring its firearms' longevity and optimal performance through a comprehensive offering of parts and service support.

Find, view, or download the service information or part number for your Kahr Firearm.

Download the Kahr Parts and Service List

Kahr Arms Pistol Magazines

9mm Magazines

Kahr 9mm Magazines

  • MK620
  • MK720
  • K820
  • K920G
  • K920

40 S&W Magazines

Kahr 40 S&W Magazines

  • KS520
  • KS620
  • K420
  • K720G
  • K720

45 ACP Magazines

Kahr 45 ACP Magazines

  • K525
  • K625G
  • K625
  • K725G
  • K725

380 ACP Magazines

Kahr 380 ACP Magazines

  • K386
  • K387G
  • K387

About Kahr Arms

Founded by Justin Moon in 1995 and headquartered in Greeley, Pennsylvania, Kahr Arms has distinguished itself in the firearm sector through its innovative designs of compact pistols.

The company is celebrated for pioneering contributions to developing compact and subcompact semi-automatic pistols, focusing on creating versatile and efficient handguns ideal for concealed carry, law enforcement, personal defense, and leisure activities.

Kahr Arms has specialized in crafting compact handguns, utilizing modern materials such as polymer and stainless steel, ensuring durability and lending a modern aesthetic to their firearms.

A standout feature of Kahr Arms' pistols is their smooth double-action trigger mechanism. This design choice is pivotal in providing a uniform and precise trigger pull, significantly improving their handguns' safety and accuracy.

Kahr Arms remains dedicated to ongoing innovation and consistently places a high value on customer satisfaction.

The company continues to stand by its core values of exceptional technical skill and practical, user-friendly design, driving forward in its pursuit of excellence in the firearms industry.

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