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Hi-Point Firearms Owner's Manuals and Gun Schematics

Select, view, and download your favorite Hi-Point Firearm owner's manual and gun schematics including Hi-Point Carbines and Hi-Point Handguns.



About Hi-Point Firearms

Founded in 1993 by Tom Deeb, Hi-Point Firearms is an American, family-owned firearms manufacturer with headquarters located in Mansfield, Ohio.

Over the years, the company has earned a reputation for crafting reliable and affordable firearms tailored to the needs of hardworking Americans.

Hi-Point Firearms takes pride in its commitment to delivering quality firearms that offer exceptional value to its customers.

Hi-Point Firearms places innovation at the forefront of its mission. The company understands the importance of providing firearms that are not only budget-friendly but also rugged and dependable.

With a dedicated team of engineers and designers, Hi-Point Firearms continually seeks innovative solutions to meet the demands of its customer base.

The company's focus is on producing firearms that are straightforward to operate, maintain, and service, ensuring that customers can rely on their Hi-Point firearms for the long haul.

Hi-Point Firearms boasts a diverse range of firearms, including handguns and carbines, designed to cater to the needs of both novice gun owners and experienced shooters.

Renowned for their simplicity, reliability, and affordability, Hi-Point products are an excellent choice for various purposes, from self-defense and recreational shooting to home protection.

  • Hi-Point Pistols: The company's line of handguns encompasses various models chambered in popular calibers like 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. These pistols are celebrated for their durability and user-friendly handling.

  • Hi-Point Carbines: Hi-Point offers carbine rifles in multiple calibers, providing versatility and compatibility with Hi-Point pistol magazines. These rifles offer remarkable accuracy and ease of use, making them suitable for plinking, target shooting, or home defense.

  • Affordability: A fundamental principle of Hi-Point Firearms is affordability. The company believes that every American should have access to dependable firearms without stretching their budget. Hi-Point's products are competitively priced, ensuring that quality firearms remain accessible to the average gun enthusiast.

  • Customer Support: Hi-Point Firearms takes pride in its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company offers exceptional customer support and warranty service, reinforcing its dedication to standing behind its products.

Hi-Point Firearms is dedicated to providing customers with dependable and cost-effective firearms that reflect the spirit of American ingenuity and craftsmanship.

The company's commitment to innovation and affordability ensures that it continues to serve responsible gun owners across the nation, allowing them to protect and enjoy their Second Amendment rights with confidence.

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