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Federal Power Shok Copper provides the same consistent knockdown power and accuracy that most hunters have come to expect from the Power Shok line, but now features a lead-free projectile. Many hunters have constraints and regulations regarding lead projectiles, but all hunters can benefit from using lead-free ammo to take down their targets. This line from Power Shok uses a copper-alloy hollow point projectile with zero lead, meaning that when you hit the bullseye, there is zero risk of a lead bullet ruining meat. With the proven components from federal like a brand new and reloadable brass casing, consistent primers and propellants, and precise assembly process for repeatable accuracy, these Power Shok Copper rounds are a perfect choice for the next hunting trip. 

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More Information
Category Ammunition
Manufacturer SKU 24385LFA
Brand Power-Shok
Projectile Copper HP

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