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CPD Duramag , or C Products Defense Duramag , is an American company that produces magazines with very stringent quality control and refined manufacturing processes. Their motto is "A firearm is only as good as its magazine" which makes a lot of sense. For this reason, you should invest in a solid magazine for any weapon used for self or home defense, or for professional duty/LE use. The Duramag line is a stainless steel or aluminum magazine line that will function every time, as a result of C Products Defense's stance on QC. Through stamping, welding, heat-treating, coating, final assembly, and function testing, these magazines are checked thoroughly. The result of this level of QC is magazine products with a real spine, mags that end-users can put their belief into. 

This 350 Legend magazine is compatible with standard AR-15 pattern rifles. 


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Caliber 350 Legend
Condition New
Model Fit AR-15
Caliber .350 Legend
Magazine Capacity 5
Material Stainless Steel
Color Black

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