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Armalite Rifle Owner’s Manuals and Resources

Select, view, and download your favorite Armalite Rifle resources, including owner's manuals, gun schematics, and spec sheets for the Armalite AR10, Armalite AR30, Armalite M15, and more!

Armalite Rifles – Owner’s Manuals

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About Armalite Rifles

Founded in 1954 by George Sullivan, Armalite is an American small arms engineering company best known as the originator of the AR10 and AR15 rifle platforms.

With their pioneering designs, engineering excellence, and unwavering commitment to quality, Armalite has built a legacy within the firearms industry, advancing the capabilities of modern rifles.

With a comprehensive lineup of traditional and modern sporting rifles, including semi-automatic and bolt-action models, Armalite offers a diverse range of firearms suited for various applications, from hunting and sport shooting to law enforcement and military operations.

Each Armalite rifle is a testament to the company's dedication to excellence, upholding a tradition of precision, reliability, and performance that has defined the brand for decades.

Beyond the manufacturing of firearms, Armalite is committed to fostering a strong community of shooters, hunters, and firearms enthusiasts.

The company values the passion and loyalty of its customers, offering resources, support, and education to enhance the shooting experience and promote responsible firearm ownership.

The Armalite Rifle Mission

Armalite serves one primary mission: To manufacture, assemble, and promote high-quality small arms and associated products that distinguish themselves in performance and reliability within the civilian, law enforcement, and military markets.