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This stainless steel 7-round magazine from C Products Defense Duramag fits the AR-15 platform. The CPD Duramag 450 Bushmaster is made with stainless steel and prevents misalignment with their proprietary internal bracing system.

  • Duramag 450 Bushmaster
  • Stainless Steel
  • 7 Round Magazine
  • Proprietary Internal Bracing System

C Products Defense Duramag is an American company that produces magazines with very stringent quality control and refined manufacturing processes. Their motto is "A firearm is only as good as its magazine" which makes a lot of sense for any weapon used for self or home defense, or for professional duty/LE use. Even when hunting or in competition, you want your magazine to be reliable and consistent. Unlike other stop-gap solutions, the Duramag 450 Bushmaster is a complete solution designed from the ground up to properly support the round in a magazine that fits into the AR15 magazine well. Be sure to fill your new magazines with 450 Bushmaster ammo!


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Condition New
Manufacturer C-Products Defense
Caliber 450 Bushmaster
Capacity 7
Material Stainless Steel
Caliber 450 Bushmaster
Magazine Capacity 7

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