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Sellier and Bellot, established in 1825, has been manufacturing ammunition for nearly two centuries, and has gained tremendous knowledge and expertise over the many decades of manufacturing. Sellier & Bellot would remind its customers they are the oldest company in the world to continuously supply ammunition products. These newly manufactured .303 British cartridges are built to the high standards of this renowned company, using their exacting measurements, and quality control mechanisms. Boxer primer, new brass casings. Great for target practice, competition, hunting and self defense, or just an afternoon at the range spent plinking, these quality soft point rounds are not going to leave lead in the barrel, will function and cycle positively, and expand reliably and evenly upon impact. All Sellier & Bellot products are built and measured to CIP standards.


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Caliber 303 British
Condition New
Caliber 303 British
Grain 150
Pressure SuperSonic
Projectile Soft Point
Casing Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2654
Muzzle Energy 2347

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