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Professional grade nickel plated cleaning system outperforms traditional brushes and jags.Nickel plating is softer than the barrel so there is zero risk of damage.Bore solvent doesn't break nickel plating down like it does with phosphorus bronze.This prevents brushes and jags from leaving a false positive.Easy to use pop up cases are peggable and stackable for easy, compact storage.Jags come with 3 sizes of patches totaling 500 to fit all of your cleaning needs.The jags and brushes also have the caliber on the stem to avoid confusion

Material: Nickel-Plated

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More Information
Category Gear
Manufacturer SKU AVBMJAGS
UPC 813119014437
Condition New
Manufacturer Real Avid/Revo
Firearm Fit 813119014437
Material Nickel-Plated

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