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Primos rare breed is offered in both slate or glass surfaces and now as an anodized aluminum surface pot call.Aluminum creates louder and bolder high pitches to help you reach and coax gobbles out of otherwise quiet toms in your area.The anodized surface requires no conditioning, so its ready to call out of the box.Its also the most weather-resistant calling surface.So, if it gets wet or oily from your hand, dirt, rain, or from setting it on wet grass, wipe it with an alcohol wipe, let it dry, and keep calling.The comfortable rounded cup fits great in your hand while working a bird.Outer edges of the call produce higher yelps, cuts, and clucks, while lower and deeper tones can be made toward the middle.

Sound Species: Turkey
Color: Black/Brown
Proofs: Water Resistant

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More Information
Category Gear
Manufacturer SKU PS2905
UPC 010135030193
Condition New
Manufacturer Primos
Proofs Water Resistant

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