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The r-100 deluxe ammo box provides excellent protection for your reloads.It is made from virtually indestructible polypropylene with a handle for easy transportation.When the rounds are in the down position, they are protected by four special fingers, which keep your bullets from hitting the bottom of the box and causing tip damage.It comes with adjustable inner trays which offer two height positions.By rotating the tray, two height positions can be achieved in the box to accommodate different cartridge lengths.Calibers: 20/22/24 nosler, 22br, 22 cheetah, 22 ppc, 22 sav.Hp, 220 rus., 220 swift, 22-250 rem., 224 wby.Mag., 224 clark, 224 valkyrie, 225/243/270/284/307/308/356/6mm-284 win., 250 sav., 25/25-06/30/35 rem., 25-35 wcf, 25-284 win., 28-30 sevens, 30 t/c, 300/303 sav., 30-06 spr., 30-30 win., 30-40 krag., 308 marlin exp., 32-40 win., 32/401 win.S.L., 32 win.Spl., 338 fed., 35 whelen, 350 legend, 376 steyr, 38-55 win., 360 nitro exp.2 1/4", 375 rimless 2 1/4", 400-375 belted nitro exp., 5.6x52 rimmed, 6.5 carcano, 6/6.5 creedmoor, 6.5-284 lapua, 6.5x50 jap.Arisaka, 6.5x52 italian, 6.5x54mm mann-schoen., 6.5x55mm swedish, 6.5x257 roberts, 6.5-284 norma, 6.8mm rem.Spl.6mm br-dx, 6mm norma br, 8mm rem.Spl., 6mm ppc usa, 6mm rem., 7.35 carcano, 7.5x54 french mas., 7.5x55 swiss, 65x53 mauser, 7.7 jap., 7.7x58 jap., 7mm br, 7mm-08 rem., 8x57j, 9x57 norma, 9.3x74, 10.75x68 mauser and 410 shotshells.

Type: Ammo Box
Model: Deluxe
Finish: Green
Size: 243/308
Material: Polypropylene
Capacity: 100rd
Dimensions: 7.40" x 7.90" x 4.50"
Hardware: Snap Latch

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More Information
Category Safes & Storage
Manufacturer SKU R-100-10
UPC 026057219103
Manufacturer MTM Case-Gard
Material Polypropylene
Restrictions State restrictions do not allow shipping of this product to WA
Size 243/308

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