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Meet your new field companion, the GunMate Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder. It's a trusty addition to your shooting gear, engineered to enhance your hunting or target shooting experience. Designed with an elastic sleeve that fits seamlessly over your rifle stock, this GunMate product keeps your rounds secure and within easy reach at all times. It features a design that incorporates elastic loops for holding nine rounds, offering you immediate access to your ammunition in every shooting situation.

  • GunMate Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder
  • Elastic Sleeve, Elastic Loop
  • Holds nine rounds securely in place
  • Ideal for Hunting or Target Shooting

The GunMate Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder is a must-have accessory for any shooting enthusiast. Placing nine rounds within easy reach eliminates the need for rummaging in your pockets or bags for additional ammo. Its elastic sleeve and loops have been designed to snugly and securely hold your cartridges, keeping them safe and ready for action. Experience the confidence of having your rounds easily accessible, thanks to GunMate's practical design. With this rifle cartridge holder, every hunting or target shooting session will be a smoother, more efficient experience. Choose the GunMate Buttstock Rifle Cartridge Holder for a reliable, high-quality solution to ammunition access and storage.

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More Information
Category Tactical Gear
Manufacturer SKU 22200
UPC 638003222008
Condition New
Manufacturer Gunmate Holsters
Firearm Fit Rifles
Material Nylon
Color Black

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