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These Green CleanBarrel™ TPJ rounds will serve you well as training, target practice, or recreational ammo.

USC Ammo offers an unbeatable value to the American firearms community with their affordably priced, newly produced, ammunition. Cleanbarrel propellants are used, allowing these cartridges to burn with less residue left behind, keeping your weapon cleaner for longer. The total polymer coating (TPJ) functions similarly to how a total metal jacket functions, in that there is little to no lead exposed when the projectile is fired, but the polymer coating is much less abrasive in your barrel and against the rifling, effectively extending the life of your barrel. The polymer is more malleable than a metal coating, which can help clean the barrel out while you shoot as well. 

These TPJ rounds are a perfect choice for your range day: training, recreational shooting, and target practice or competition.


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Condition Remanufactured
Manufacturer US Cartridge
Caliber 9mm
Projectile TPJ
Muzzle Velocity 1150 fps
Caliber 9mm

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