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Lightweight and ergonomic, this innovative monocular provides superior vision in absolute darkness, setting a high standard in outdoor observational equipment. The simplicity of its controls allows for effortless operation, catering to the demands of a variety of outdoor scenarios. Whether it's patrolling, law enforcement, search and rescue missions, or recreational pursuits like hiking, travel, and hunting, this device has you covered.

  • In-built rangefinder
  • Video recording and picture capturing
  • Low power consumption

The XLT 160 boasts three distinctive viewing modes - color, black hot, and white hot, each providing a unique perspective to cater to your individual needs. The high-sensitivity thermal detector ensures clear vision even in pitch darkness, making it an indispensable asset for nocturnal activities. It also features an accurate rangefinder to measure the distance between the target and the observation position, enhancing precision and efficiency. The XLT 160 doesn't compromise on power efficiency either. It's designed to consume minimal power, ensuring extended periods of use without the need to frequently replace or recharge batteries. In addition to its high-performing features, the package includes a USB Type C, a soft carrying case for easy transportation, and a lens tissue to keep the device in prime condition. Order your new thermal monocular online today!

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More Information
Category Optics & Sights
Manufacturer SKU TIMNOXLT119X
UPC 658175120391
Condition New
Manufacturer ATN
Battery Life 10+ hrs
Display 720X540
Controls Manual
Field of View 8.2 x 6.2 Degrees
Magnification 2-8x
Objective 19mm
Proofs Water / Weatherproof
Restrictions State restrictions do not allow shipping of this product to WA

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