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About Speer Ammunition

Founded in the 1940s by Vernon Speer, Speer Ammunition is a well-established producer of high-quality ammunition for gun enthusiasts and law enforcement professionals.

In 1944, during World War II, Vernon Speer founded Speer Bullets once he recognized the need for reliable and consistent ammunition. Soon after, the company's reputation quickly grew, as its bullets were known for accuracy and performance.

In 1968, Speer expanded its operations and started producing complete loaded ammunition. This marked a significant milestone for the company, as they now offered a complete solution for shooters who preferred factory-loaded rounds over hand loads.

Over the years, Speer Ammunition continued to innovate and introduce new products. In 1970, they launched the revolutionary Speer Lawman line of ammunition specifically designed for law enforcement training and practice.

In the early 1990s, Speer introduced the Gold Dot series, which quickly gained popularity for its exceptional performance in law enforcement and self-defense applications.

Today, Speer Ammunition remains a prominent player in the industry, offering a quality and innovative range of ammunition for different applications, including law enforcement, self-defense, training, and competition.

Proven Protocol

Speer’s selection of self-defense bullets were all originally developed for law enforcement and tested to perform using the FBI Protocol.

This rigorous series of tests evaluate a bullet’s expansion, penetration and weight retention when fired through a series of barriers. FBI Test Protocol requires the use of calibrated 10 percent ballistic gelatin. Bullets are scored based on the following criteria.

  • Penetration: Minimum of 12 inches and maximum of 18
  • Expansion: Expanded diameter should be 1.5 times the original bullet diameter
  • Weight Retention: Should be as close to 100 percent as possible through bare gel

The ammunition test protocol is composed of six test events shot at 10 feet.

  • Bare Gelatin
  • Steel
  • Plywood
  • Heavy Clothing
  • Wallboard
  • Auto Glass

Speer Bullet Styles

Speer Bullet Styles

Additional Speer Ammunition Resources

Find, view, and download your favorite Speer Ammunition ballistics, charts, spec sheets, and more, including Speer Gold Dot Ammo variations and Speer Lawman Ammo variations!

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Speer Bullet Styles