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''SAW'' AMMO CAN OR ''FAT 50'' AMMO CAN - Empty (Grade 1 Used) - PA108

Grade 1 Used Condition: Excellent condition

A grade 1 used ammo can, meaning these cans are in excellent condition. Grade 1 ratings are given to ammo cans that only barely show scuff marks on the contact points, and have no dents or bends in the metal. The inside of these cans are rust-free, with a functional rubber seal still in place around the edges of the rim. Cans with a grade 1 rating may show very minor surface rust on the exterior only, or dust/dirt/ debris from previous storage conditions. The inside of a grade 1 rated can must still be in perfect condition.


More Information
Condition Grade 1 Used
Dimensions 12 3/4" L x 7 1/4" W x 9" D
Suggested Use Storage

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