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This fully upgraded M&P15 features all the add-ons and extras you might want on your modern sporting rifle, or AR15! This is a LE trade-in rifle in good condition:

  • Smith and Wesson M&P15 MOE with MagPul furniture
  • Aimpoint Optic Pro
  • Surefire G2X Flashlight with mount
  • VTAC Sling
  • MagPul 30rd mag
  • Boyt Black Nylon Case

Smith & Wesson is very familiar with outfitting military and police with the tools of the trade. Just look at their M&P line of weaponry and how law enforcement rely on this gear from coast to coast. The M&P15 has seen extensive use as a patrol rifle by those who protect and serve, which has helped to cement the reputation of this rifle as a workhorse that can be trusted to do its job. The lower receivers of these specific LE-trade rifles are printed with COBB COUNTY POLICE under the factory M&P insignia and MAGPUL engraving. These markings display the roots of this weapon as a rifle that came from the factory equipped with the reliable, strong, and lightweight Magpul furniture it still wears. The handguard covers the mid-length gas-system built out of the front sight post/gas block. A Magpul backup flip-up rear sight is already attached to the rails and sighted in, in case you lose your Aimpoint. 

Smith & Wesson manufacturers their M&P15 rifles with an integral trigger guard, forged with the lower receiver in a single piece. They also include a patented S&W Flash Suppressor.

The Aimpoint Comp PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) that you will find attached and zeroed on this rifle is a remarkably good red dot optic. This optic alone usually retails for a considerable portion of what this entire bundled rifle kit costs. This is a versatile, reliable, and intuitive aiming solution that police and military love for its simplicity and features. 

  • Always on - constantly ready for use. Up to three years of life from a single battery. No need to look for a button or switch during an emergency. 
  • 2 MOA dot - 2 Minute of angle reticle for accurate hits on target at any range.
  • Red dot advantage - unlimited eye relief. Greater probability of hitting the target with the first shot, and enhanced speed onto a target when compared to iron sights or magnified optics. 
  • Hard anodized aluminum alloy housing. Tough enough for real-world conditions and waterproof down to 150 feet submersion.
  • Threaded front lens opening for the use of an anti-reflection device (ARD).
  • All caps retained - never lose your pieces.
  • NV compatible brightness settings .
  • No thermal drift: usable from - 49 degrees up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit 

Lastly, the Surefire G2X mounted flashlight. This weapon light is a very rugged LED illumination tool, known for its virtually indestructible LED emitter. 

  • Durable and lightweight Nitrolon polymer body resists corrosion.
  • Precisely built reflector provides a smooth light pattern for excellent reach and usable amounts of surrounding light.
  • Stunning tactical-level max beam strength, long-lasting runtime on low output setting.
  • Highest output: 600 Lumens - 1.5 hours runtime.
  • Lowest output: 15 Lumens - 52 hours runtime.
  • Weighs 4.4 ounces with batteries.
  • Uses 2 123A batteries.
  • American-made.


More Information
Caliber 223/5.56
Model M&P 15
Caliber 5.56x45
Capacity 30
Includes Aimpoint PRO, Surefire G2X Flashlight and Mount, VTAC Sling, MagPul 30rd magazine, Boyt Black Nylon Case

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