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You can never have enough tactical storage and carrying capacity, which is why this small and usable tac-sling from Rattlesnake Tactical would integrate perfectly into your current loadout. Designed to comfortably conceal almost any sized pistol, this bag comes with a universal pistol retention system that wraps around the frame and slide of a handgun, and velcroes securely into place inside the bag. In addition to the RTAC sling, comes 350 rounds of Blazer Brass 9MM 124 Gr FMJ, which provides the perfect reason to get to the range with your favorite pistol tucked neatly into your new tactical sling pack. While most users wear this piece of gear over a shoulder and across the torso, the bag is very versatile and can be integrated into your daily carry in many ways. The rear side of the pouch has a belt loop if you wish to hang the bag from a hip, and use it as a general utility pouch or to store empty mags while you train and shoot while moving. Other users like to keep this bag as a micro bug-out bag, to keep in the car or office or other places where a regular-sized emergency bag may get in the way.  

The large main zippered section contains one of two velcro panels where the pistol would reside, and also features an additional pocket for spare mags or other items. The small zippered pocket on the front has one internal pocket and two elastic retention straps. A velcro patch on the front is ideal for switching out patches (it will come with a free Ammunition Depot patch), and MOLLE attachments on the front and side allow for further customization. The second, and more hidden, velcro panel for a pistol is integrated into the back panel and can be accessed via the snap button. 

Tac sling measures 11"H x 8"W x 2"D

Blazer Brass is backed up with the quality and consistency of CCI, who supplies reliable non-corrosive boxer primers and dependable, clean-burning propellants for Blazer's ammo. With reloadable, newly-made brass cases and a protected-base (gas check) full metal jacketed projectiles, these Blazer Brass 9mm rounds are an economical and consistent choice for the range, for training, or for competition.

Blazer Brass is built in America to SAAMI standards, and also backed up with rigid ISO certified systems.


  • (7) 5201: Blazer Brass 9MM 124 Gr FMJ - 50 Round Box
  • (1) Ammunition Depot PVC Flag Patch
  • (1) RTAC Assualt Pack


More Information
Caliber 9mm
Combo Products All Gear Combos, Tacsling Combo
Condition New
Caliber 9mm
Grain 124
Pressure Standard
Type of Bag Tactical Sling
Projectile FMJ
Casing Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Suggested Use Practice
Bullet Type FMJ

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