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A modular, high quality, Rattlesnake Tactical range bag equipped with Ammunition Depot's PVC flag patch. The main compartment features thick padding so your weapons and accessories will not sustain damage if the bag is dropped. Also within the main compartment are two mesh organizer pockets, elastic retention bands for pens/pencils, more pockets, and a soft velcro panel that can be fitted with a velcro pistol retention system, or other velcro-based gear. Rear and side panels feature rugged MOLLE webbing to provide versatility, and flexible use of the RTAC range bag. A detachable MOLLE pouch on the side can be threaded onto your load bearing vest, or other gear. The shoulder strap is detachable, adjustable, and features a padded band. Carrying handles can be velcroed together and are solidly sewn onto the bag.

Length: 15.5" (13.5" Without side compartment)

Width: 7"

Height: 9"

Inside of bag:

Length: 12.5"

Width: 7"

Height: 9"

The Federal Champion rounds are a budget line under the Federal product umbrella and offers unique value in and of themselves. This is a 525 round box of .22 LR (Long Rifle) ammunition that is a rimfire variant with a virtually non-existent recoil and a very good reliability. The brass casing is resilient and will easily feed and fire in most mainstream firearms chambered in .22 LR. The copper plated projectile is a speedy 36 grain bullet that will help to keep your favorite .22 in great shape and able to function because of the reduced fouling and the easy to clean propellent. The significant value (price point) of this rimfire cartridge is a major point in its favor but the best judge of its value to the shooters who use it, is the extreme reliability and relatively clean performance of the round, after a large amount of shots have been fired.

Includes (10) 745 - FEDERAL CHAMPION .22 LR 36 GRAIN CPHP, 525 round box


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Caliber 22 LR
Combo Products All Gear Combos, Range Bag Combo
Caliber 22 LR
Grain 36
Type of Bag Range Bag
Projectile CPHP
Casing Brass
Muzzle Velocity 1260

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