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Renowned builder, designer, and weapons enthusiast Jesse James has partnered with Ammo Inc to create this high-end line of ammunition. These rounds use high grade components from the Ammo Inc facility, with the 100% reliable quality levels that Ammo Inc's customers may be familiar with. Jesse has publicly said that he is only interested in creating the finest products, and would never put his name on anything that does not meet or exceed his very high standards. Jesse James ammo comes in a TML line, or the ever finer-grade Black Label line, which features striking dark black casings and projectiles.

The Barnes Bullets "Tipped" TSX, or just TTSX, is easily one of the greatest hunting projectiles on the market today. The highly streamlined projectile, now equipped with the polymer tip, is still 100-percent copper on the inside. This lead-free projectile retains 99-100% of its weight upon impact, expanding very reliably thanks to the polymer tip. The advanced polymer tip also helps keep shots at extreme range sharp, and helps refine BC even further.

  • Fiercely accurate
  • Lead free
  • Consistent 99-100% weight retention
  • Instant reliable expansion into four razor sharp petals


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Caliber 308/7.62
Condition New
Caliber 308 Win
Grain 150
Projectile TTSX
Muzzle Velocity 2858
Muzzle Energy 2720
Rounds Per Box 20

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