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Federal Power Shok has a great history of providing exceptional hunting ammo, with consistent and accurate rounds that feature classic reloadable Federal brass-casings, clean primers and propellants, and a hard-hitting projectile. Power Shok is now creating a lead-free variant of their proven cartridges, for all hunters to enjoy. Even for hunters who are not constrained with lead-free regulations and laws, using a lead-free projectile keeps the meat from the hunt lead-free and edible, and shooting lead-free ammo is less toxic for you. Using a copper-alloy, these new projectiles are created with an evenly expanding hollow-point and are fitted into the brass casing. No jacket to worry about shearing off, no weight retention issues, just a solid copper-alloy hollow point bullet. These rounds .308 cartridges are perfect for your next hunting excursion. 

Federal Power Shok Copper provides the same consistent knockdown power and accuracy that most hunters have come to expect from the Power Shok line, but now features a lead-free projectile. Many hunters have constraints and regulations regarding lead projectiles, but all hunters can benefit from using lead-free ammo to take down their targets. This line from Power Shok uses a copper-alloy hollow point projectile with zero lead, meaning that when you hit the bullseye, there is zero risk of a lead bullet ruining meat. With the proven components from federal like a brand new and reloadable brass casing, consistent primers and propellants, and precise assembly process for repeatable accuracy, these Power Shok Copper rounds are a perfect choice for the next hunting trip. 


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