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Federal Lake City Ammunition is known for its military-issue quality components, great value for the buyer, and consistently accurate results. The Lake City plant’s dedication to excellence has given Federal a competitive edge as an ammunition technology giant. Today the company is well known for producing high-grade military overrun ammunition that shooters everywhere know and trust.

This 7.62x51 from Federal Lake City features a 146 grain FMJ tracer projectile. This 7.62x51 round is new production, made with brass casings and boxer primers. The high-quality components that go into this round, as well as the superior manufacturing processes Federal Lake City is known for, make this a round you know you can depend on when it matters the most.

FMJ projectiles, or Full Metal Jacket projectiles, are generally used for training or practice. They can also be referred to as "ball rounds", in certain circles. The metal jacket encapsulates the lead core of the bullet, keeping the lead contained and providing a rigid shell to engage the rifling of modern barrels. An FMJ travels faster than raw lead projectiles and helps to keep your weapon clean by containing lead particles. 

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