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This bundled product contains a case of Federal Premium Gold Medal Match 308 Winchester, as well as Bushnell SpotOn 18 Megapixel Infrared Trail Camera

These heralded loads combine the legendary Sierra MatchKing 168 grain Boat-tail hollow-point 308 Win bullet with Federal's proprietary delivery system. Stringent manufacturing controls give you what many experts and international shooters consider the most accurate match round available from a factory. World-class competitors, as well as military and law enforcement officials, choose Gold Medal when it counts the most.

  • Federal Gold Medal Match 308 Win 168 Gr SMK BTHP
  • Newly-made and reloadable brass casings
  • Fierce accuracy, repeatable performance

For use in your favorite 308 Winchester or 7.62x51 rifles, from a SCAR to an AR-10, these Federal 308 Win rounds are perfect for your next important hunt, competition, or home defense and duty roles. Premium components from Federal and top-shelf projectiles from Sierra combine in this 308/7.62 round, order before they sell out!

If you're looking to keep track of what wildlife is passing through your neck of the woods, then this infrared trail cam from Bushnell is perfect for you. These 18-megapixel trail cams run on 8 AA batteries and use standard SD cards. The infrared flash has a maximum range of 50 feet and is IPX5 water-resistant. These trail cams are built with a slim profile to make them more concealable and are capable of video as well.

  • Bushnell SpotOn 18 Megapixel Infrared Trail Camera
  • Features a Tree Strap
  • Comes with a 16GB SD Card
  • 10mm Lens
  • 0.76-1.0 Trigger Speed

If you're looking to maximize your hunting and get a better feel of exactly what's roaming around your property, then this trail cam is an excellent choice. Order your Bushnell SpotOn Trail Camera online today!

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More Information
Manufacturer Federal
Caliber 308/7.62
Projectile Sierra MatchKing
Grain 168
Casing Brass
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity 2650 fps
Muzzle Energy 2619 ft lbs
Rounds Per Box 20
Boxes Per Case 10
Suggested Use Self Defense, Hunting / Varmint, Competition / Sport, Duty / LE / Tactical

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