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A genuine wooden crate of ammunition marked with "We the People" and an American Flag pattern emblazoned on the lid. The Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO XM193 55 Gr FMJ rounds are stored neatly inside the wooden crate, safely packed and ready to be shipped to your door. This crate can be reused for anything as the sliding lid and body function well and can contain ammunition, tactical gear, weapon accessories, or anything else that you can fit in there. The crate even has carry indentations on the side for easier handling.

Exterior dimensions:

  • W: 13"
  • L: 10.25"
  • H: 7.25"

XM193 - The absolute benchmark when it comes to AR-15 ammunition, the XM193. This 55 gr Boat Tail FMJ is much more versatile and capable than most any other FMJ, mainly due to the finely tuned manufacturing process that Federal has achieved due to the volume of ammunition that they produce. The machinery that produces these civilian cartridges could very well be the same tooling that is used to create the M193 cartridges that the US Military uses. Very accurate out to 400 yards, or beyond with ideal conditions, capable of taking down everything from small varmints up to medium sized game, hogs, or deer up to 350 lbs. XM193 can serve as a home defense round, hunting, target or competition ammo, and due to its great price, even a recreational plinking choice. This is a legitimately performing round at a significantly value-centric price point.

"We the People Crate" Contains

  • (50)¬†Federal American Eagle 5.56 NATO XM193 55 Gr FMJ (20 Rounds Per Box)


More Information
Caliber 223/5.56
Condition New
Caliber 5.56 NATO
Grain 55
Projectile FMJ
Muzzle Velocity 3240
Muzzle Energy 1282
Total Rounds 1000

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