The 12 Best Firearm Blogs for Women Who Like to Shoot

Best Firearm Blogs for Women
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The 12 Best Firearm Blogs for Women Who Like to Shoot

Online resources for female hunters, shooters, and firearms enthusiasts

Key Takeaways

  • Female gun culture is exploding, and the internet has a vast range of firearms blogs to meet the interest of women who love to shoot
  • A Girl and A Gun is a website as well as a shooters league with chapters around the country
  • Adventuress, Huntress View, and Women's Outdoor News provide tips on everything from tracking game to cooking after a successful hunt
  • Cornered Cat and My Sister's Keeper Defense focus on self-defense essentials
  • Gun Goddess and Style Me Tactical are for women who want to look good while they're shooting, hunting, or just carrying
  • Front Sight Press is written by a young, black, urban lawyer focused on defending 2A
  • Reel Camo Girl is for women who love the outdoors and are committed to sustainability

The female gun culture is hotter than ever.

From social media to blogs to sports, women have more places to enjoy firearm culture, get tips, and share their ideas than ever before.

If you're a shooting enthusiast, you may enjoy reading blogs written for women gun owners by women gun owners.

Whether you're an outdoorsy type, a concealed-carry fashionista, a blossoming or seasoned competitive shooter, or anyone who loves learning about firearms from other women, there is a blog tailored to your interests.

To help you get started, here is a list of the best firearms blogs for women who like to shoot. 

1. A Girl & A Gun

A Girl & A Gun is a ladies-only shooting league with chapters around the country, and its website is devoted to helping beginning shooters improve their skills.

The regularly updated site features posts on women empowerment, marksmanship, concealed carry, gun safety, and shooting sports.

It also includes training videos and courses as well as links to help you find in-person instruction in your area.

The group was founded by Julianna Crowder, a certified NRA instructor and concealed handgun instructor for the state of Texas.

2. Adventuress

Perfect for the woman who loves the great outdoors, Adventuress focuses on hunting, fishing, exploring, living, and more.

Posts delve into topics such as how to spear pikes or track elk, but they also cover practical matters, such as recipes for pike patties or cheese-stuffed elk shells.

Founder Jennifer Pudenz started this publication in 2014 to give women a place to share and learn about the outdoors, and the site publishes new posts in bulk every season.

3. Cornered Cat

Kathy Johnson, a firearms instructor and homeschool mom, teaches everyone from new gun owners to shooting instructors how to defend themselves more effectively.

She believes that when a cat is threatened, it will do anything to escape, and she aims to help her readers act like a cat by taking personal responsibility for their own safety.

The Cornered Cat also provides in-depth content on situational awareness, when to use lethal force, and the legal implications of self-defense. 

4. Front Sight Press

Front Sight Press is written and owned by a professor in the legal studies program at the University of Memphis.

When she first started this firearms blog, Tiffany Johnson wanted to share insights on the second amendment from her unique position as a young, black, urban lawyer.

But over the years, she has become a fierce advocate for gun culture and the second amendment. Her articles aim to break down old stereotypes that she thinks are hurting support of the second amendment. 

5. Gun Goddess

The Gun Goddess is for women who love to shoot but also like to look beautiful and feminine.

Competitive shooter Athena Means started this blog because she was tired of trying to find functional gear that also looked good.

Whether you're heading to the range or getting ready for a concealed carry, this site helps you find everything you need to look great.

It also includes a range of useful posts about carrying during pregnancy, traveling with guns, gun safety around children, and more. 

6. Huntress View

Since 2013, the Huntress View has been providing women with product reviews, hunting tips, wild game recipes, and more.

Founder Andrea Crider and her team of 40+ female contributors are dedicated to helping women gain insights into hunting from a woman's point of view. 

7. My Sister's Keeper Defense

My Sister's Keeper Defense (formerly called Trigger Happy Firearm Instruction)  is devoted to empowering women.

Its founder, Marchelle “Tig” Davis, is a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence, a former member of the Army National Guard, and a firearms instructor.

Her posts focus on teaching women about personal safety, and she also holds in-person training sessions. 

8. Reel Camo Girl

Lauren Hill created Reel Camo Girl for women who love the outdoors.

It focuses on fishing, hunting, diving, hiking, and shooting, and although it's not exclusively about firearms, it has lots of great product reviews, shooter spotlights, and how-to guides.

Reel Camo Girls are stoic, but they have flair, confidence, and a strong inner force that helps them accomplish anything.

The site is also focused on long-term sustainability and wildlife management.

9. Style Me Tactical

In 2015, Emily Valentine launched Style Me Tactical as a lifestyle blog for women who want to look great while carrying.

Her posts follow her journey from the first time she considered carrying a gun through the present, and her site aims to bring together a community of female shooting and fashion enthusiasts.

Topics include everything from shooting drills for newbies to how to sport Gucci and heels while carrying concealed.

She also offers tips on beauty and wellness to help women look and feel their best whether or not they're carrying. 

10. Well Armed Woman

The Well Armed Woman provides a wealth of information on everything from how to choose your first gun to training tips for experienced shooters, and it even includes a very detailed gun glossary for people who have questions about firearms terminology.

Founder Carries Lightfoot is a member of the NRA Board of Directors and is a certified instructor through the NRA and USCCA.

11. Woman Shooter

Lucretia Free, the founder of Woman Shooter, launched this site shortly after she started shooting.

In addition to posting original content every day, she curates posts and articles from other sites to provide readers with a high-quality educational experience.

This site provides up-to-date news on women's success in shooting competitions, and it also includes posts on everything from hunting and cooking to how to look great and stay healthy in the process. 

12. Women's Outdoor News

Designed for women from all walks of life who love the great outdoors, Women's Outdoor News covers topics such as camping, hunting, and fishing, and its contributors include national competitive shooting champions, survival experts, and experienced women hunters. 

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