Spotlight on the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment (known simply as “2A” in many firearm circles) is an amendment of the United States Constitution that was added as part of The Bill of Rights. It guarantees the right of the people to bear arms. Many feel it bestows essential rights in personal defense and home defense. Some call it an anachronism that does more harm than good. This article will explore how the Second Amendment is perceived, how it has fared legally, and what may lie ahead for it.

2 day ago

How Many Guns Are in the United States? | Ammunition Depot

Guns and the United States are practically synonymous throughout the world. From the necessity of hunting for food in the days of early settlers to reliance on militias for national defense in formative years, gun ownership is woven into the fabric of American history. And the statistics reflect that reality: there are millions upon millions of guns in the United States. We break down the statistics in this article to get a better sense for just how many there are and what the ownership demographics look like.
2 months ago

Why Are Most Handgun Bullets Round Instead of Pointy?

A lot of science is involved in making firearms and ammo. Modern ammunition features, including the shape of the projectile, are all the result of extensive testing and research. There are a lot of factors that go into the design of a round, and oftentimes the shape of the round is dictated by those other factors. Read on to learn why this has resulted in rounder ammunition for handguns.
5 months ago

5 Proposed Changes to 2A Rights under President Biden

It’s clear from the Biden campaign’s official statements on the matter that a Biden administration will result in changes for the gun world. So what exactly does life look like for the gun owner during a Biden administration? It may change quite a bit. While no president is ever going to get their full legislative wish list, the Biden campaign has planned to accomplish some of its gun control goals through executive action. This blog post discusses the administration’s proposed policy goals and their implications on gun owners.
6 months ago

How Is Ammunition Named?

The names for certain types of ammunition are so common that they roll off our tongues without a second thought. We may think of 9mm or .223 instantly without even stopping to wonder how those names came to be. But on second look, it becomes clear that the many, many names we have for different types of ammo are all over the map. How did it get this way? What’s the standard? Learn more about the wonky history of ammo naming conventions by reading on.
8 months ago