What Is Ball Ammo?

Like most gun terminology, "ball ammunition" is a phrase you may have heard or even repeated pretty often without knowing exactly what it means. Unfortunately, there’s precious little readily-available information about what is and isn’t ball ammo, So we’re going to address it here. Read on to discover what ball ammo is and what sets it apart.
1 month ago

5 Proposed Changes to 2A Rights under President Biden

It’s clear from the Biden campaign’s official statements on the matter that a Biden administration will result in changes for the gun world. So what exactly does life look like for the gun owner during a Biden administration? It may change quite a bit. While no president is ever going to get their full legislative wish list, the Biden campaign has planned to accomplish some of its gun control goals through executive action. This blog post discusses the administration’s proposed policy goals and their implications on gun owners.
2 months ago

Should You Buy an SKS, AK-47 or AR-15 Rifle?

After a little while, most new gun owners eventually tend to wonder: What kind of cool rifle should I get? In the US, there are three that most folks choose between: the SKS, AK-47 and AR-15. Each of these rifles does a similar job, offering more power than handguns and more accuracy than a messy shotgun. So which rifle should you get? Read on to learn more about each.
2 months ago

What Is +P Ammo?

+P ammo is a standard handgun round that has a little more gunpowder in the cartridge, making the round more powerful. For defensive gun owners looking to balance between power and accuracy, +P ammo can offer a great fit. It’s one of the innovations that lets you max out on power without seriously affecting other factors. Read on to get a feel for whether +P ammo is right for you.
2 months ago

What Does Grain Mean in Ammo?

What does grain mean when you're talking about ammo? We could give you the quick, simple answer and tell you it refers to the weight of the ammunition, but this doesn’t really give you a good understanding of how the concept applies to your shooting. In order to learn the history of the term and its contemporary significance, continue reading.
2 months ago