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Ammo Incorporated created this 200 count sealed bag for the higher volume target shooter in mind. These accurate and consistent TMC rounds have no expansive capabilities, and are purely intended to be used on the range or in competition. These rounds are assembled with a careful balance of consistently low recoil, repeatable accuracy, and velocity, for the best possible groups. For serious competitors or for the recreational shooter, Ammo Inc. is an excellent choice. 

TMC - Similar to FMJ rounds, except the entire projectile is covered in a layer of copper. The advantage of a projectile being entirely coated in copper is that there is no lead exposed to the air, at all. The FMJ is almost entirely covered in copper, besides the base of the projectile that is exposed to the propellants inside the barrel. This leaves a small amount of lead exposed that will be partially blasted into the air you breath.  


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Caliber 45 ACP
Condition New
Manufacturer Ammo Incorporated
Caliber .45 ACP
Grain 230
Projectile TMC
Muzzle Velocity 940
Muzzle Energy 451
Rounds Per Box 200
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