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    Which Is the Better Practical Firearm Platform: AK-47 or AR-15?

    Which Is the Better Practical Firearm Platform: AK-47 or AR-15? There are countless gun debates, all of which have enlivened conversations at shooting ranges, in gun stores, and between opinionated friends for decades now, with no sign of being resolved. They include revolver vs. semi-automatic, 9mm vs. .40S&W, 9mm vs. .45 ACP, and rifle vs. shotgun vs. handgun for home defense. There’s one debate, however, that was for a long time (though less nowadays) almost certainly the most ardent, impassioned, and personal of them all. (It was also a debate that was being literally fought out on battlefields all over the world.) That debate is, of course: Which is better, the AK-47 and 7.62 ammo, or the (M16) AR-15 and .223 ammo? However, now that the debate is less about the flagship assault rifle platforms of the Evil Empire vs. the Land of the Free, it can be more about the respective assets and imperfections of the two. More specifically, about their practical assets and imperfections

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    The Best Calibers for Suppressors

    The Best Calibers for Suppressors According to their portrayal in movies and TV, the chief purpose of suppressors (aka “silencers”) is quiet, quick mafia assassinations, silently dispatching the guards in a casino, or storming a jungle compound in camouflage face paint. And whenever suppressors are used, they make that whisper-quiet spit-hiss noise that you wouldn’t hear in the next room. Of course, the reality is quite a bit different in most ways. For one, suppressors do have a place outside of the TV and film world of secret agents and covert warfare. At firing ranges in Europe, for instance, suppressors were not only common but often required to minimize noise pollution. The same principle has inspired tens of thousands of gun owners in the United States to purchase suppressors. They have also become increasingly popular for hunting. That popularity raises a few practical questions. First, why are suppressors becoming so popular? And, if there some calibers (and loads) that a

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    4 Tips To Make Your Home A Harder Target
    The concept of hardening your home is very straightforward. In making your home as difficult as possible to enter, you will force threats to skip your house in search of an easier target.
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    3 Layers Of Home Defense
    Our home is where we usually feel the safest. Others see your home as a potential target. Here are three layers of home defense you should know.
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