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Speer offers these 124-grain +P rounds in a 50 round box also if you need to fill up a few magazines for defensive purposes. These 20 rounds boxes are ideal if you are already familiar with the quality Gold Dot offers and only require a small number of rounds to fill up your defensive magazine loadout. 

This higher-pressure (+P) variant of the standard 124 grain Gold Dot 9mm cartridge packs a harder punch. With more power comes higher chamber pressures, faster muzzle velocity, higher muzzle energy, and a little snappier recoil. This +P round will punch through more barriers before stopping, and it will also impact with more force on a hardened target. Speer Gold Dot is known as one of the best off-the-shelf defensive cartridges available today. Police departments and law enforcement agencies across the country rely on Gold Dot for their duty weapons because of Gold Dot's consistency and extensive track records of great performance. Gold Dot rounds are created using a patented 2-stage process:

  • Pre-fluting of the core: This helps define the expanded diameter and maintain weight during and after expansion
  • Hollow-point creation: The second stage completes the concave tip of the bullet, and finalizes the rate of expansion of the hollow point

These advanced defensive rounds are fueled by clean-burning propellants that provide optimum chamber pressure and velocity, shot after shot. CCI provides proven and consistent non-corrosive boxer primers which are fitted into low-friction nickel-plated brass casings. These high-end features provide the smoothest possible feeding and extraction, and the most reliable and consistent performance.


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