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Gold Dot is never left out of the conversation when the topic of trusted carry ammo is being discussed. Police officers, law enforcement specialists, home defenders, and concealed carry weapon users all agree that Speer Gold Dot is one of the finest brands for serious defensive ammunition. In addition to high-end features like nickel plating on their newly made and reloadable brass casings, Speer creates a hollow point with a patented and proven process that provides their ammo with its reliable expansion and knockdown ability. 

  • Pre-fluting of the core: This helps define the expanded diameter and maintain weight during and after expansion
  • Hollow-point creation: The second stage completes the concave tip of the bullet, and finalizes the rate of expansion of the hollow point

These advanced defensive rounds are fueled by clean-burning propellants that provide optimum chamber pressure and velocity, shot after shot. Gold Dot rounds use CCI's proven and consistent non-corrosive boxer primers, which help to create the most reliable performance possible. 


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Caliber 9mm
Caliber 9mm
Projectile Hollow Point

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