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AR500 Level III Lightweight UHMWPE Body Armor 10 x 12

Level III armor, single curve 600D nylon coating with padded edges. 

If you do not need a steel core in your armor, this Level III armor with a UHMWPE (Polyethylene) core is a great lightweight alternative. Still rated for multiple hits from:

  • 7.62x51 M80 Ball at 2800 FPS
  • 5.56x45 M193 at 3150 FPS
  • 7.62x39 AK 47 at 2380 FPS

At only 3.3 pounds, and with positive buoyancy, this is a very advanced armor for Level III toughness. If you require high mobility and lightweight gear, UHMWPE core armor is a fantastic choice. 

Made entirely in Phoenix, AZ 


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Condition New
Size 10x12
Color Black
Suggested Use Self Defense

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