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AR500 Level III+ Armor 6 x 8 Flat Base Coat

Flat armor side plate, only base coating 

AR500 level III+ is the absolute peak in steel based ballistic protection. This level III+ armor by AR500 does everything that level III does, with the additional protection against even higher velocity heavy rifle munitions. III+ raises the velocity threshold from 2,780 FPS up to 3100 FPS. Besides the increased ability to absorb high velocity ammunition, level III+ has a 30% higher core strength, allowing wearers to withstand direct hits from Black Tip armor piercing .308! These incredibly rugged armor panels will absorb magazine after magazine of direct impacts, unlike level IV ceramic armor that will crumble eventually. These steel AR500 armor panels have been optimized with a second generation design, giving users a higher degree of comfort and protection, while minimizing weight.

Made entirely in Phoenix, AZ


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Condition New
Size 6x8
Color Black
Suggested Use Self Defense

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